Rimless Toilets

Rimless Toilets

Here’s a little run through on rimless toilets to bring you up to date.

What is a Rimless Toilet?

A rimless toilet has the traditional box rim of the pan replaced with an open rimmed bowl.

Rimless pans differ from brand to brand. Some have a completely exposed bowl while others have a small edge still having no traditional rim.

Why Choose a Rimless Toilet?

The removal of the box rim allows for a more effective and hygienic flush.

There is no place for the water to be trapped providing an easier to clean bowl.

Many rimless pans also incorporate advanced flushing technology often a swirlflush or a 360 degree rapid flush.

Manufacturers are moving away from traditional rimmed pans.


Are Rimless Toilets More Expensive?

Rimless toilets are available at various price points and styles.