Arcisan NEION PLUS wall faced intelligent toilet

Smart toilet/Bidet


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Pan only


The Neion Plus has an extensive list of features as shown below:
• Comfort front and rear washing functions
• Water pressure and temperature control
• Drying function with air temperature control
• LED ambient light
• Deodorisor
• Heated seat with adjustable temperature
• Prewetting of the bowl
• Removable self-cleaning nozzle
• Backlit glass status panel

Boasting a hard wearing, rimless ceramic pan and a nozzle that is self-cleaning before and after every use plus the tank runs a self-cleaning mode if left in standby for an extended period of time.

WELS 4 star 4.5/3 litres.


  • Wels 4 Star 4.3/3l
  • 10 year conditional warranty